My New Tripod

2019-05-24T13:38:08-04:00December 14th, 2018|Gear|Comments Off on My New Tripod

In the spirit of what you should consider putting on your holiday gift wish list (family always asks), I thought this was a good time to put out a few blog posts about what I saw and what came home with me from PPE (Photo Plus Expo) held every October in New York City.I've been looking around for a new tripod, as my Gitzo GT3541XLS (at least 9 years old and no longer available) doesn't really fit into my new set of 29" 4-wheel rolling luggage. I am flying more and more these days to locations and having to place the Gitzo diagonally in the suitcase has gotten on my last nerve. I was willing to compromise a leg section, going from 4-leg sections to 3-leg sections to cut the overall folded length. I was not going to compromise leg tube size.