It’s been quite a few days of dreadful weather here in northern New Jersey. Supposedly it is spring but the flowering trees got caught with a hard freeze in the midst of blooming. The streets of the community where I live are lined with flowering pear trees. Those trees started to bloom and then nothing. Not that I blame them. I feel the same way.

The weather might break in another week which is not helpful to me as a photographer. You see, I’ve fallen in love with digital infrared photography and the spring is “the” season. The bright new green foliage renders white in a monochromatic image.

While I have captured dramatic images on overcast days, I live for puffy white clouds and when the blue sky renders black as night.

Earlier this spring, I did manage to travel to Charleston, South Carolina for a week at the end of March and that trip got my creative juices flowing. Infrared loves live oaks and moss…


Within 36 hours of arriving back home, I departed for another week to Austin, Texas to shoot wildflowers (where I discovered rather than shoot red, yellow, and blue wildflowers I’d rather shoot free-range black Angus cows or Longhorns in infrared).


Hope springs eternal that the rain will stop, the sun will shine, and I can head out to enjoy this spring (my first) with the infrared cameras.